GI Nursing and Management

All fundamentally sick patients ought to be considered in danger for push ulcers and along these lines gastrointestinal discharge. Patients in danger likewise ought to be surveyed for the nearness of splendid red or espresso beans emesis; grisly nasogastric suction; and brilliant red, dark, or dull red stools. Any indications of draining ought to be speedily answered to the doctor. Nursing management of a patient encountering intense gastrointestinal discharge joins an assortment of nursing analyse (Nursing Diagnosis Priorities Box on Acute Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage). Nursing needs are coordinated toward (1) directing volume substitution, (2) controlling the dying, (3) giving solace and passionate help, (4) keeping up observation for difficulties, and (5) teaching the patient and family.
  • Finish understanding history
  • CBC and coagulation considers
  • Mysterious blood testing

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